Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Hammocks Allowed

Today is National Hammock Day, the perfect day to celebrate in the middle of July.

That is, if you don't live in my townhouse complex.

Allow to vent a little instead of "celebrating." We live in a townhouse complex that we were told was "family friendly." To me "family friendly" means, "we like children, allow children, and expect to hear and see children playing." Apparently our strata council has a differnt dictionary. A dictionary that seems to define "family friendly" as "we allow children to live here, but we don't want to hear or see them."

Their funky dictionary also has a differnt definition for "summer accessories" too. Apparently my idea of a summer accessory, namely a little inflatable pool that I fill with two inches of water for my daughter to spalsh in, and then pull in my house every night, is -- by the strata's definition -- not a summer accessory. In fact, their dictionary seems to define the idea of summer fun as a patio chair, a few flowers and a barbeque. Not exactly the kinds of summer accessories that make a two year old squeal with delight.

Hammocks then, to this nazi-run strata complex, would likely be frowned upon too. Why? Who knows. But I guarantee the'd find a reason.

Oh well, I'll swing on a hammock with my baby in my mind. At least that they cannot take away from me.

What have you done to celebrate today?

Tomorrow: National Hot Dog Day.

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