Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Flowers!

Ok, so I don't often post the little craft projects I do with my kiddo on this blog (reserving stuff like that instead for our family blog for long-distance grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins and friends, but this one I had to share. Mostly 'cause I'm proud of it. And mostly 'cause I wanted to Pin it to Pinterest to add to my growing collection of Kiddie Krafts & Ideas board, for my growing list of followers. ;-) 

I'm proud of it because it came out of my own head, as opposed to a lot of the crafts we do that are inspired by crafts found on Pinterest etc. It all started while shopping in a new dollar store in our area. A new, and may I add AWESOME dollar store. It's officially my new favourite place to go when on some much needed "mommy time." 

Anyhoo, while in my new "sancutary" of craftiness, inspiration and treasures called "Dollar & Coin" I found some cute little foam flower shapes. Seeing as how I was there with the intent to scoop up some Easter/spring related things for my spring-break-at-home-with-my-monkey week, I grabbed them. Then I found painted wood buttons and the idea "bloomed" from there. 

Behold I give you my new spring bouquet, lovingly created by mother & daughter last week:

This craft requires:
- one empty tin (i.e. a coffee tin, hot chocolate tin, etc.)
- a spring-like wrapping paper (to cover the tin; construction paper would work too)
- foam flowers (easily found in dollar stores, but equally easy to make yourself with sheets of coloured foam for crafts)
- buttons (as stated I used wood buttons, but any big buttons with equally large holes would do)
- green pipe cleaner 
- filler for the tin (i used some tissue paper i had on hand, but beans, styrofoam, cotton balls, would all work)
- glue or tape, or both

1. cut paper and cover tin using tape or glue.
2. poke one end of each pipe cleaner through the middle of each flower, and then through one hole of a button.
3. weave the pipe cleaner back through another hole on the button, and back through the flower to the back side. 
4. twist pipe cleaner around "stem" to secure it.
5. Repeat with as many flowers as you want to make.
6. fill tin with filler and add flowers!