Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Enough Already!

Well, it finally happened. For months the various women around me have mentioned that at some point in their pregnancies they said "enough already," but I have been having so much fun being pregnant I thought for sure that I'd never say that. In fact, up until Monday of this week, the thought of the pregnancy ending was enough to make me cry. I've loved being pregnant, loved feeling Abbie move, loved the special connection that only she and I have right now, and loved the attention from hubby and others. But... I've finally reached that crossing over point...

It happened Monday, when after a busy day of ultrasounds and shopping for the "hospital bags/baby kit", I slumped on the couch and said... "Enough!" I'm tired of being tired, tired of the swollen feet, aching back, and unexpected pains like the joys of carpal tunnel in my right hand/wrist this week. Tired of trying to find some change for the hospital parking lot now that I practically live there. Tired of the now weekly appointments with my OB, added to the now weekly visits to the hospital for "non stress tests" to assess the baby's condition. Tired of reading about labour and going over endless lists to ensure we have everything. Tired of the endless, "so how are you doing" questions from well-meaning people. And tired of waiting... waiting to meet this kid! :-)

Don't get me wrong. I love being pregnant, and will miss the high points about pregnancy when it's over. But enough is enough already. Bring on Abbie Joy and the NEW adventure of parenting!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Love List

Inspired by two of my frequently visted blogs (who ironically inspired each other: Sharon and Meghan), here is my Friday Love List:

Song you love: Such a hard question. At the moment it would probably be "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. One, cause he's my hero; two, cause it's meaning has deepened since the tragic death of their 5 year old Maria; and three cause I love my daddy; and four cause we having a girl in the next month and it makes me cry! ;-)

Word you love: Special. I have several "special" people in my life... (Rachel knows what that means...)

Academic subject you love: I hated school. Really. Music/Choir would be on the top of my list as a result. And maybe English since I enjoy writing.

Hobby you love: Photography. A fairly new hobby for me thanks to my hubby gifting me with a Nikon D40. Love it.

Type of baked good you love: I shouldn't love any of them right now... but chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven are high on my list.

Type of sky you love: Deep blue right before the sunlight completely dies. The "not quite day" "not quite night" look...

Beverage you love: Coffee -- which again I am not having right now. Sniff Sniff.

Vacation you love: The Oregon Coast with my hubby; or visiting wherever my family is - Ontario or Texas.

Restaurant you love: Anything Mexican will do, but thanks to my Texan family I'm addicted to Chipotle when I'm in the US!

Way of getting around that you love: Driving. Love road trips, love sitting as a passenger watching the world go by; love driving myself and exploring new roads/towns.

Person you love: Torn between my 1st love - my hubby; and my new growing love - Abbie Joy who debuts in October.

Room in your home you love: a few months ago I would have said my bedroom. Love the blue that we used to decorate-- it relaxes me. But now I'd say the nursery. I love the fun, colourful, jungle theme we've got going for the baby on the way!

Movie you love: This truly is the hardest question to answer for both me and my hubby. We are truly movie geeks! ;-) To narrow it down to just one is impossible... truly. It would be easier to list the ones I hate.

Book you love: The "This Present Darkness" series by Frank Peretti has been an all time fav since I read it in highschool; the Bible of course is number one though; followed by the "Left Behind" series.

City you love: Quito, Ecuador. Will always be the city of my heart. City I'd love to visit someday however, would be Venice, Italy!

Future plan you love: Mommy to Abbie Joy come this October. And full time stay at home mom/pastor's wife (at least for my year's maternity leave).

Form of communication you love: Written. I think so much better on paper/screen.

Junk food you love: Again, a much loved "food group" I have to avoid at the moment. But... when this baby pops out my first indulgence will be cheesies, following closely thereafter by oreos! ;-)

What do you LOVE?