Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Love List

Inspired by two of my frequently visted blogs (who ironically inspired each other: Sharon and Meghan), here is my Friday Love List:

Song you love: Such a hard question. At the moment it would probably be "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. One, cause he's my hero; two, cause it's meaning has deepened since the tragic death of their 5 year old Maria; and three cause I love my daddy; and four cause we having a girl in the next month and it makes me cry! ;-)

Word you love: Special. I have several "special" people in my life... (Rachel knows what that means...)

Academic subject you love: I hated school. Really. Music/Choir would be on the top of my list as a result. And maybe English since I enjoy writing.

Hobby you love: Photography. A fairly new hobby for me thanks to my hubby gifting me with a Nikon D40. Love it.

Type of baked good you love: I shouldn't love any of them right now... but chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven are high on my list.

Type of sky you love: Deep blue right before the sunlight completely dies. The "not quite day" "not quite night" look...

Beverage you love: Coffee -- which again I am not having right now. Sniff Sniff.

Vacation you love: The Oregon Coast with my hubby; or visiting wherever my family is - Ontario or Texas.

Restaurant you love: Anything Mexican will do, but thanks to my Texan family I'm addicted to Chipotle when I'm in the US!

Way of getting around that you love: Driving. Love road trips, love sitting as a passenger watching the world go by; love driving myself and exploring new roads/towns.

Person you love: Torn between my 1st love - my hubby; and my new growing love - Abbie Joy who debuts in October.

Room in your home you love: a few months ago I would have said my bedroom. Love the blue that we used to decorate-- it relaxes me. But now I'd say the nursery. I love the fun, colourful, jungle theme we've got going for the baby on the way!

Movie you love: This truly is the hardest question to answer for both me and my hubby. We are truly movie geeks! ;-) To narrow it down to just one is impossible... truly. It would be easier to list the ones I hate.

Book you love: The "This Present Darkness" series by Frank Peretti has been an all time fav since I read it in highschool; the Bible of course is number one though; followed by the "Left Behind" series.

City you love: Quito, Ecuador. Will always be the city of my heart. City I'd love to visit someday however, would be Venice, Italy!

Future plan you love: Mommy to Abbie Joy come this October. And full time stay at home mom/pastor's wife (at least for my year's maternity leave).

Form of communication you love: Written. I think so much better on paper/screen.

Junk food you love: Again, a much loved "food group" I have to avoid at the moment. But... when this baby pops out my first indulgence will be cheesies, following closely thereafter by oreos! ;-)

What do you LOVE?

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Great list! :)