Saturday, August 28, 2010

Banana-land & Cherry Turnovers...

Yesterday was "Banana Lovers Day," the perfect day to celebrate what is most likely the most common, most eaten, fruit in the world. Having grown up in Ecuador, which provides 30% of the bananas exported around the world, I am well acquainted with this fruit. From the common yellow banana North America knows well, to the plantain served up fried like chips or cut long and fried along rice and a carne (meat) of some sort, to the sweet little bananitos that are pretty much like sugar, bananas have been my life.  

Ironically, we didn't eat a single banana yesterday thanks to a whirlwind trip across the border to do some shopping... but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about them and longing for a taste of home.

Today was "Cherry Turnover Day." I'm not really a fan of turnovers... or cherries. I know, I'm weird. But hey, as I stated above, I grew up in Ecuador. And Ecuador does not grow, or consume cherries! Nevertheless, I can appreciate how beautiful cherries are... and I can be amazed at the wide variety of cherries! 

What have you done to celebrate life today? What about yesterday?

Tomorrow: Chop Suey Day!

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