Thursday, September 02, 2010

Celebrating Simplicity

I haven't posted at all it the last couple days purely because the "random days" on the calendar have left me feeling very uninspired. I mean, who wants to celebrate eating outside ("Eat Outside Day" was Tuesday) in the middle of a torrential downpour? But that hasn't dampened my desire to celebrate life anyway, and in fact... it forced me to be creative. It also led me to the realization that the art of celebrating life doesn't have to be complicated. Often it's the simple things in life that should be the most celebrated. 

Monday was the first day of a new routine in our house with the fact that our 22 month year old finally went from two naps to one. So we celebrated (albeit with some reluctance from me, who frankly has enjoyed her delay to drop her 1st nap) the fact that our "baby" is growing up, by welcoming two new additions to our family -- two goldfish we named "Dorothy" and "Elmo." 

However the celebrations of Tuesday, as simple as they were, led way to some unexpected, and not necessarily "happy" celebrations on Tuesday. As stated above, Tuesday was a particularly rainy day, and that seemed appropriate since we also started the day off with the first of what likely will be many pet funerals in our family. "Dorothy" was found floating belly up that morning. A simple reminder, at least for my husband and I, that nothing lasts forever. That led me to celebrate the little moments with my daughter that afternoon...

Wednesday, despite the lack of rain, started off much the same way Tuesday did, with yet another funeral... this time for "Elmo." Again it got me thinking about the circle of life, and how precious each day is. That thought was reinforced when I read a note from a friend who was grieving the potential loss of data from her computer that contained pictures of her daughter's first year and a half of life. A good reminder to back things up, and treasure the simplicity of each cuddle, each giggle, each little moment. 

Today however is a day I can celebrate, for today (along with the return of our sunshine and warmth) is Blueberry Popsicle Day. When Abbie went down for her nap I savoured a blueberry/lemon popsicle in honour of the occassion. It was worth every slurp.

What have you done to celebrate life lately?

Tomorrow: Welsh Rarebit Day.

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