Monday, February 05, 2007


I hate waiting. I'm a terrible waiter. Waiting patiently for something - anything - is so hard for me. I couldn't wait to start my life - thus why I was premature at birth; I can't wait for Christmas day without complaining that it's taking too long; I can't wait for the next episode of my favourite TV programs so I go online to see if I can read any spoilers; I hate waiting for people to make up their minds about things; and I am going crazy waiting today for the birth of my fourth nephew! Merriam-Webster defines the word "wait" as "to stay in place in expectation of," and for me it's the expectation of things that kills me -- especially when what you are expecting is good!

But Merriam-Webster also lists "to remain stationary in readiness or expectation" and "to be ready and available" among it's many possible definitions for the word "wait." And these definitions got me thinking about the ultimate wait for the Christian -- the wait for the Lords return; the wait for Heaven. I'm called to wait expectantly for the Lord's return - to wait "in readiness" for the day when He appears and calls me home. Waiting in readiness doesn't mean that I anxiously check the sky every few minutes, or searching the web for signs (spoilers?) of His impending return. No, waiting in this sense means ensuring that when it happens I am ready. Ready for the divine appointments He sends my way; ready for times when my faith will be tested. Ready to boldly stand before Him knowing that I have lived a life worthy of Him; ready to account for all I have done with the life He has given me. Ready to hear what every Christian eagerly anticipates... His embrace and His words "well done good and faithful servant."

Yes, I'm in a place of expectation for the nephew yet to be born today, and for the nail-biting episodes of Prison Break and Heroes airing tonight; but while I'm waiting impatiently for the things of this world, I'm also getting ready with expectation for the day of all days. I'm getting ready for when/if I am ever tested to prove my love for the Lord; getting ready to stand before Him and bear my wounds. I'm getting ready to look in my Father's face, fall at His feet and rest in His embrace. What are you waiting/ready for?

I don't worry about the wounds that
may come from following Christ. For when I am face-to-face with the Big Judge He will ask me "where are your wounds?" And if I haven't any, He will say "was there nothing worth fighting for?" ~unknown

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