Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008: A Year of Discipline

My husband and I have a little tradition that started a few years ago. Being the reflective type, my husband usually spends the days leading up to a new year, thinking back on the year past, and deciding what goals and dreams he has for the new year. As I listened to him share his thoughts one year, it occurred to me that many of his goals had a theme. Thus birthed a different kind of "new years resolution" for us, to pick a word that best sums up what we want to acheive, practice, learn, etc. in the new year.

This year our theme is: Discipline. It is our desire to focus more on being more disciplined in all areas of life. To work harder on our spiritual disciplines (prayer, worship, study). To learn discipline in the areas of our physical lives (exercise, diet, stress, sleep). To practice emotional discipline - learning to better control our anger or impatience (for example). Even to focus on relational discipline (the practice of setting aside time to deepen friendships, build intimacy, etc.).

There can be joy in the journey of living a more disciplined life. Thus we/I commit 2008 to be a year of discipline as I hone my skills, deepen my faith, fall more in love with my husband, and improve myself in all areas. Let the discipline begin...

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Jenny said...

An admirable goal!