Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breath of Heaven

I remember it like it was yesterday. Head spinning. Palms sweaty. Heart racing. Fear gripping. Pregnant. Our own miracle, after 10 years of giving up all hope. I felt so unprepared. So unsure. So overwhelmed. 

As I sit under the glow of our Christmas tree, mind wandering back to that day, my eyes fall upon a humble little nativity scene. 

A toy really. A simple way to teach our miracle about The Miracle. As I gaze at this simple scene, my eyes meet Mary's for a moment... and I am in awe. 

Knowing how I took the news of our child on the way, I try and imagine all that Mary must have been feeling the day the angel gave her the news. To be told you are to carry the One, the Messiah. I can't even fathom it. 

And then to give life to this child, in the way that she did, with the humble surrounding she was in... again, I can't even fathom it. 

Oh to aspire to the faith that Mary had. A faith that, despite the fear she must have felt, moved her to say yes, "I am the Lord's servant..." (Luke 1:38) and accept the Lord's plan. A faith that endured the long and most likely painful journey to Bethlehem. A faith that pushed past the pain and clung to the only person who was there, her new husband, to bring forth a child that was to be King! A faith that clung to the very breath of Heaven...


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Shari!
Love the song...
Jennifer A