Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extraordinary Love

Love is patient. I needed that reminder this morning while coaxing my "I don't like breakfast or really have any desire to eat before noon" child to take a bite of her Rice Krispie cereal. I needed that reminder this morning when I lost my cool with my poor, dear hubby, who was simply trying to love me. Help me. Head pounding. Eyes heavy. Stomach churning. The last thing I felt like doing this morning was being lovingly patient

And then I read this: "My failure to love is first a failure to be grateful for who people are right now. And my impatience is a result of my unthankfulness." (When You're Finding It Hard to be Patient) A blog I read daily, this particular post was the shot in the arm I needed today. 

Today - a very ordinary, routine, regular kind of day. Love is patient. 

Because love is grateful. 

Grateful for the child who, despite her unwillingness to eat her breakfast, greeted me this morning with a smile and a cheery "Hi mama!" 

Thankful for the husband who offered to stay home since I was not feeling well.

Appreciative of the days of good health I enjoy, and even the days when I'm not well ... for it means I am alive!

Today's extraordinary moment comes in this: Love is patient... because love is grateful.

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