Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hide and Seek Elf, Happy Cashiers, and Power Outages -- Day 7

So finding Elfia was a bit more of a challenge today than usual. In fact, she was impossible to find -- that is until I asked my daughter to bring me a spoon. ;-)

Today's letter from Santa came with four gift cards to Tim Horton's. At first my kiddo was a little confused as to why Santa would give her coffee (you gotta love the fact that at two years of age this "made in Canada kid" already knew what a "double double" was!), but then we read the letter and it all made sense. Today's RACK was to find four people to bless with gift certificates. And, while the afternoon power outage did mess up my plans for part of that give away, we were able to get to one store we frequent to bless the cashier there. This lady knows us well, and always gives Abbie candy when we go through the check out. This time, however, it was our turn to bless her. The smile on her face made it totally worth it.

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