Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bubble Wrap Faith

Today we did an odd thing at work. We played with bubble wrap. We jumped on it. We rolled in it. We lined the entrance to our office doors with it. But mostly we laughed. Bubble wrap has a way of making you do that.

It made me think a little about how much fun children have with the simplest of things. A box. A spoon and a shiny pot. A light switch. And, yes, bubble wrap. But something happens to us as we grow older, and somewhere along the way we lose the ability to find joy in little things.

The same is true with our faith. Somewhere between 5 and 35 we lose our child-like, innocent, “My God can do anything” faith. We stop believing in the impossible. We lose some of the awe and wonder we once had about God. We stop praying for the bugs, our toys, and the imaginary friends we love. We stop learning and exploring. And we stop dreaming. Somewhere along the way we forget that He created fun, loves to be adored, gave us dreams, and simply wants us to believe. Not to question, analyze or compare, but simply to believe.

In my quest to celebrate life, savour the moments and enjoy the little things, today’s experience has added a new element to my quest. I am now determined to enjoy a faith that trusts more, and questions less. A faith that is wide-eyed with wonder. I long for a bubble-wrapped faith.

(Reader – take a break and enjoy some bubble-wrap at


Jenny said...

Sounds like fun! Hey- noticed that one of your posts got put into the latest mag. Way to go!

ransom said...

Playing with bubble wrap at work is odd? There may be a certain someone working in IT who answers to a name rhyming with Spaniel Tree (i'm not saying who) who enjoys bubble wrap more than most. Thankfully defying that 5-35 window! We seriously need more Spaniel Trees in the world.
Another good reminder Shari!