Monday, November 05, 2007

Perfect Monday = A Good Thing.

Today was, to quote the domestic goddess herself, Martha Stewart, "a good thing." After a busy week capped off by an even busier Sunday, my hubby and I got away for some down time and ended up enjoying the perfect Monday. I'd love to show you photos of it, but since our camera officially ran out of batteries the moment I turned it on, I'll have to paint it in word pictures for you. Enjoy.

Snuggling in the warmth of a cozy bed as the sun (yes sun) peaks through the curtains in our hotel room.
Stepping out into the crisp morning air and marvelling at how the sun highlights the fall colours in the trees.
Grabbing a warm coffee and scone from Starbucks and enjoying them while walking along English Bay.
Walking and shopping at Granville Island - on a Monday when there's fewer tourists!
Picking out yummy ingredients for a decadent evening meal when we get home.
Napping on a lazy Monday afternoon.
Making dinner (stuff mushrooms, kabobs, risotto cakes, and salad... yum) in our PJs.
Cuddled up on the couch with my "Hiro" to watch Hiro and the other heroes on Heroes! Ha ha...
Crawling into bed to read before drifting off to sleep on a perfect Monday.

It was a good thing.

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ransom said...

Lovely!! Now i'm all smiley! :)