Monday, December 21, 2009

Countdown to the New Year...

I've been remiss at posting in quite a while. Life it seems got in the way, what with an active toddler to care for, a house to maintain, a husband to love and support and a part time job to hold down. The busy-ness of life actually got in the way, and over the past few months I feel like I've forgotten to live. So, I'm heading into the new year with a renewed passion to celebrate life. To live every day as if it were my last. To cherish and enjoy each moment. And to remember that there is a higher purpose than just diapers, dishes and dental appointments.

My goal:
To celebrate each day and create memories with my family; and ultimately to renew my desire to rise above the mundane of every day and live the life God has given me with passion.

My commitments:
1. With the "random holiday calendar" as my guide, I will find creative ways to make each day a special day for my family and those around me.
2. With a nod to the movie "Julie & Julia" which, in part, inspired the idea, I will blog about my experiences each day for the 2010 year.
3. And with an express desire to make this more than just a "frivolous, let's have some fun" adventure, I will find ways not only to celebrate life but also to give life purpose and point those around me to Him.

So as I make my plans and gear up to start my 2010 adventure, I invite you --random reader who has found my blog -- to join me. Let me know you are reading this, and participate with me in this adventure!

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