Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

I'm on a quest for a waffle maker today. We've talked about getting one since we discovered our toddlers love of Eggo waffles, and today is the perfect day to do so. It's Waffle Day!

This day of celebration also provides me with the perfect opportunity to indulge in a love of mine without the complaints of my husband. I love breaskfast and would eat breakfast foods for every meal if it was socially acceptable. I especially love having things like pancakes for dinner (probably harkening back to the days when my family would have "flapjacks" on Sunday night. My husband however, is of the opinion that breakfast foods should be *only* for breakfast. Humph!

So this morning as my hubby was getting ready to head out for class I warned him in advance that waffles were on the menu for dinner tonight! Surprisingly his reaction was a positive one! Perhaps that's because I also announced that they'd be served with praline (pecan) syrup since it's also Pecan Day! ;-) Yum!

What are you doing to celebrate today?

Tomorrow: Make Up Your Own Holiday; National Nougat Day; National Spinach Day; National Waffle Day (apparently yesterday was just "Waffle Day"... a food so good you just have to celebrate it twice!)

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