Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm waffling on whether or not to ever make my own waffles again, and thus establishing today as "Waffling Day" in honour of "Make Up Your Own Holiday" day. My quest for a waffle maker wound up with me choosing price over quality (never a good idea) and I came home excited with my purchase of what I thought seemed to be a good, cheap waffle maker.

I was wrong.

First, I put too little in the iron and the waffles came out looking pathetic. Then, I put too much in the iron and the result looked like this:

When I'd finally gotten the hang of how much batter was the "perfect amount" I thought for sure we were in business. Then I learned just how cheap the waffle iron was. Every single waffle I made after that came out looking like this:

Burnt in the middle and barely cooked on the edgest. They were also limp (not crispy) and well, practially inedible due to their rubber-like consistency. Perhaps it was the recipe I used for my batter. Who knows. All I know is, the next time we have waffles, we're going with the "drop them in the toaster" kind -- Eggos!

To add insult to injury, I made a praline/pecan syrup to go with the waffles. Let's just say, I will never make it again and have thrown out the recipe. ;-)

So, here's to Waffling Day (my very own "make up your own holiday" day), and my waffling over whether or not to attempt home-made waffles again.

What are you waffling about today?

Tomorrow: National "Joe" Day; Photography Day; National Spanish Paella Day

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pick for a "make up your own holiday" holiday! Waffle-related holidays are my favourite, and we now have a few friends we regularly celebrate them with!

Yep... price over quality rarely works for kitchen tools. I also hate to tell you, but I think there are still 2 more waffle celebration days coming up this year. Any chance you can get your money back on this unit? With how terribly uneven it cooks, I wonder if there's a flaw in it.