Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Call Me "Joe"

When I read that today was "National Joe Day," I immediately thought of my grandpa. "Joe" (or variations of "Joe") was his pet name for both my mom and I. To this day I'm still not really sure why he called us that, I just know that I loved it. I wish I could hear him call me that right now...

So today, in honour of my beloved grandpa, I'll pass on the endearing tradition by calling my little monkey "joe." And every time I do I'll thank God for my grandpa, and rejoice in the knowing that one day, when I join him in Heaven, I'll hear him welcome me with a "Hey Joe!"

What did you do to celebrate today?

Tomorrow: Something on a Stick Day; Eat an Eskimo Pie Day; Respect Your Cat Day; Garden Seed Day; Children's Picture Book Day; National Black Forest Cake Day

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love fun nicknames like that - that you have NO clue where they came from. :)

I'll choose to celebrate by drinking coffee, since it's often called "joe." I can always use another cup of coffee. ;)