Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Grandma's Arms...

In Grandma's arms
in our storybook chair
we can do anything
we can go anywhere.

And so begins my favourite of all the children's picture books we read to my daughter on a daily basis. From In Grandma's Arms, to Baby Cakes and Goodnight Moon, we rhyme and clap our way into a world of imagination that only comes alive in books. My favourite parts of the day are when we either cuddle before naps/bedtime to read, or when my toddler brings me a book to read to her. We love that she loves to read, and we love reading to her.

So in honour of "Children's Picture Book Day," we counted, learned colours, giggled through VeggieTales books (did you know that "Bob is very red."?) and cuddled our way to dream land with the rhymes of Goodnight Boz.

What did you choose to celebrate today?

Tomorrow's Choices: National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day; Smoke and Mirrors Day; Coca Cola Day (it was invented on March 29th); Love Your Children Day; Pickle Day; National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day.

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Rachel said...

what a fantastic picture of sherman & ab ie!! <3