Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grateful for "Cheese"

While I may not be American by birth, I have always felt American at heart. Most likely due to the "brainwashing"... err... I mean "educating"... err... of course I mean "lovin'" I've received from my years on the mission field with friends, adopted aunts and uncles, and teachers who all came from the US, celebrating American Thanksgiving has always come more easily to me than remembering that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October! After all, we got several days off school in November, but Canadian Thanksgiving (more commonly known in the US as "Columbus Day") passed by with a mere mention! 

So, as my parents enjoy a visit with my brother, who very wisely married a wonderful Oklahoma girl, and now is raising two mighty fine little Texans, I join my American friends in giving thanks today. I may not be able to say I'm grateful for Turkey, since we'll be having meatloaf tonight, but I am grateful for cheese. The cheesiest of cheese wrapped up in a silly little bundle of energy known as my 2 year old, Abbie Joy:

She makes me grateful every day, for God's unexpected gifts!

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