Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 3 -- Snowmen Games and Colouring...

Elfia was hard to find this morning. She blended in so well with her surroundings that it took my kiddo quite a while to find her... can you spot her?

Find her she did, nestled in the wreath above the fireplace.

Santa's letter today came it he form of a huge princess colouring sheet. A nod to the need for our family to slow down, and spend some quality time together simply colouring, giggling and staying far, far away from the madness and stress going on outside. 

After colouring, we played a fun game I'd found on Pinterest. "Roll a Snowman" has been declared a "fun" game, and officially added to our list of things to do each holiday. With the aid of some dice, we rolled/raced our way to create a full snowman, the idea being of course that the first to finish wins! (You can read more about it on the blog the pin was linked to.) Turns out, Daddy is pretty good at this game. We played several times and he won most of them! 

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