Saturday, December 21, 2013

Breakfast, Target and Afternoon Naps -- Day 4

Four more sleeps! 

We woke to find Elfia playing a game of "Barrel of Monkeys" by the light of the Christmas tree, and a letter from Santa reminding us that today was our day to do a little shopping... across the border. With a package to pick up in the U.S., we got up early, and hit the road in time to cross the border as it opened. After a hearty breakfast at Old Country Buffet, we dove into some shopping at Target before it got CRAZY, picked up our package, and got home just as the rest of the world was getting out to do last minute Christmas shopping. The rest of our afternoon was spent napping, playing with our neglected puppy and being grateful NOT to be out among the insane and aggressive Christmas shoppers! 

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