Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 5 and a Ticket to Ride...

We woke to snow this morning, which made celebrating Day 5 a lot more fun! Only FIVE days left to Christmas and the snow made it feel more festive. After a search for Elfia, finding her hanging from the stocking that hangs on our daughter's bedroom door, we bundled up the kiddo for her last day of school!

As St. Nick's letter reminded us, today's "last day" was also Pajama Day! Pajamas on, stuffy packed in her back and a big grin as daddy bundled her up in her snow suit, our little Miss headed out for a fun day of snow man building, movies and Christmas party fun. On her mind, however, was the promise of a special surprise tonight... and a worried mommy and daddy that the hoped-for surprise man not pan out thanks to the snow!

But by dinner it had warmed up, making the roads much more driveable, and so the surprise came while we were having dinner when the doorbell rang. Daddy came back from answering it to announce that an elf had stopped by to give Abbie a note. He handed it to her (the look on her face just priceless in suspense). The note, another from Santa, included a ticket for a ride on the "Christmas Express." With the promise of some yummy goodies that awaited in the car, we bundled the pajama clad princess in her favourite blanket, tucked her in the car, adorned ourselves with glow ticket bracelets and necklaces and set out to "ooooo" and "awwww" at the Christmas lights in the surrounding neighbourhoods. 

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