Monday, October 25, 2010

A Mother's Grateful Heart

It's Monday and after a week of birthday party planning, and a long but fun weekend of birthday celebrations, this post is all about the blessing that is our little Abbie Joy.

212. precious pictures that capture moments in time of a little girl who is growing up too fast.
213. looking back on two years of joyful moments and frustrated tears on this journey of parenting.
214. extended family who shower our little one with gifts, love and legacies.
215. friends who share in our joy over our bundle of energy.
216. birthday cakes that, while lopsided and clumsy, are decorated with love from this inexperienced cake decorator!
217. old friends with helpful tips on cake decorating!
218. a grateful two year old, who thanked us over and over for her special day.
219. a husband who was moved to tears when singing "Happy Birthday" to his princess.
220. tired feet, weary arms, and overflowing hearts at the end of a busy weekend.
221. celebrating the moment Abbie was placed in my arms, by marking each year, on that day and time, with a photo.

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